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MSpeed – History

For over 20 years now, our engineers have been developing hardware and software in the area of motor vehicle electronics. Over this period, a variety of projects for industry and retail have been developed from the initial idea, through to the finished, tested and manufactured product. 

Additional control apparatus for diesel engines, VMax modules, OBD flash tools, diagnostic testers, TV-free switches and not least, individual characteristic map modifications for engine control units belong to our product range. Continuous development and investment in our laboratory and manufacturing facilities guarantee our lead when it comes to intelligent solutions and products related to motor vehicle electronics. 

Detailed test drives and cell runs ensure the highest possible quality and product safety. More noticeable performance increases with clear fuel savings, quick and easy installation without further adjustments, and of cpurse a perfect price to performance ratio of high-quality products. Continuous development and proprietary production separates MSpeed from the sea of the supposed manufacturers, whose development power is limited to "sticking their label” over pre existing products. 

Our customers include many well-known names in the industry and our succeddes in motorsport as well as in the press an on TV speak for themselves All this has induced us to bring the MSpeed brand to launch - We want to make the success of our team to a wider audience and make our own brand a fixture at all the main retailers and resellers in the industry. With the advantage of having our own successful racing team, we can test the quality of our products under even the most harsh competition conditions and represent the proof of competence of our company and products. Here at MSpeed, we believe motor sport is an essential part of a successful tuning provider. Through our own MSpeed Racing team, fans and customers are given the opportunity to witness the extreme lengths we got to, to test the stability and quality of our products.  

Benefit from our years of experience and expertise, as MSpeed guarantees you the utmost in product quality on the racetrack and on the road. 

If you are serious about tuning and are interested in being a part of our innovative team and becoming an MSpeed supplier / dealer, we invite you to contact us.